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Register for an Exclusive Tour!

The Amateur Comedy Club is the oldest continuously operating theatre of its kind in the nation. The theatre is a National Register building located in Murray Hill’s Sniffen Court. Led by President Bill Brown Following the tour, refreshments will be served. Who started the club?Wha is the story of Julie Harris’s acting at the ACC?What… Read more »

ACC to Launch Haunting Melodrama

“Outward Bound,” by Sutton Vane, promises a thrilling end to our 131st season. One of the most popular plays of its kind, it has been credited with inspiring such offbeat plays as “Death Takes a Holiday,” “On Borrowed Time,” and even Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone.” Constance George will direct.

No STIM in April

Thank you all for the great evening in March! Unfortunately, April’s schedule, between Snark and Club events, will not allow an April STIM. Look for next month’s Call Board for your invitation to the season’s final event–a free thank-you event–The STIM in Sniffen Court. Happy April!